Machinist Hammer

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: High-grade wood handle in natural color with smooth finish. Fully heat-treated and polished head. Hammer face and peen hardeness is between 50 to 58 HRC. Inductive hardened steel.
  • LONG SERVICE LIFE: After the forging process, hammer heat will be properly and correctly hardened and afterwards annealed. By this way extra long life of the hammer is secured.
  • COMFORTABLE USAGE: Suitable for ergonomic and comfortable work. Ash wood handle provides a comfortable grip and dampens strike vibration.
  • SAFE: Precise 45 degree edge at hammer face and peen prevents dangerous splintering.
  • EXTENSIVE USAGE: Ideal for machinists, carpenters, craftmens, construction, home improvement, general repairs and maintenance, woodworking, art hanging, and more.