About Us


KANCA began production of hand tools in the early 1960s as a family owned company with a workforce of just 20. A short time later, as the quality of the products was well accepted by the market, the range expanded to cover a very extensive spectrum of hand tools.

A new plant of 15.000 m2 was constructed and began operation in 1974 where the expanded and modernized forging lines made it also possible to supply high quality forged parts to other industries.

Starting from 1980s, the demand from the automotive industry had lead the way to further increase the production capacity of forged parts and supply higher quality parts to local OEMs such as Fiat, Mercedes, Iveco, Ford and Renault.

A new cold forging line, started in 1997, had enabled KANCA to provide even a wider range for metal forming, which has served also as a know-how base for warm forging sector.

Having all the necessary facilities such as product and tool design, production, forging, heat treatment and machining under the same roof, KANCA has proven to be a single point of supply, expending with further customers like VW Group,BMW, Toyota, TRW, Delphi, Bosch, ZF, Scania and many others, those rely upon the renowned quality of KANCA.

In 2004, KANCA constructed at the east border of Istanbul, a brand new 55.000 m2 forging plant, of that 25.000 m2 closed.

In 2009, warm forging has been established, proving parts to the diesel industry, which brought a new and alternative perspective to KANCA, with relatively smaller parts but enormous volumes.
It was time in 2010, to gather the engineering competence in metal forming, machining, metallurgy and design, under the same roof. KANCA established the first Research and Development centre in hot forging field in Turkey.

With time, KANCA increased its production capacity with new investments, implementing automations, installing modern laboratory and inspection equipment. So today through modern QA techniques and the certifications according to ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, KANCA is one of the leading forging companies in Turkey, not only supplying parts to its customers, but also the long term reliability & satisfaction and strong financial background. KANCA produces today nearly 30.000 tons of forged products annually and exporting more than half of its turnover to EU.