Metal Shears
Safety Infortmation
  • Misuse of shear can cause serious injury to eyes, hands,...etc
  • In order to ensure safety, shear must be set up and used properly.
  • Please read, understand and follow all instructions given in this safety information sheet before setting up and using the shear.
  • Always wear eye, face protections and use other necessary safety wear wear while working with the metal shears.

Metal Shear user’s manual
  • Make sure that you bolt your sheet metal shear safety and securely to a suitable to a suitable platform.
  • Remove the safety pin before opersting the shear. Stand at a safe distance from the cutting area during operation. Always wear hand and eye-protection.
  • Do not use the shear without the support and always adjust for workpiece thickness.
  • To prevent wear on blades and other moving parts always lubricate on regular basis.
  • Do not alter lever arm lenght (or use excessive force) as this may impair cutting caapcity and/or damage the shear.
  • Shear blades are factory-set with appropiate working clearance.
  • Do not use the shear to cut metarials above the permissibla limit specified on the label.
  • Shears are designed to cut St 50 or equivalent material with max. hardness of 150 HB. Higher hardness or stainless steels are not permitted.
  • While sharpening worn blades make sure cutting angles are preserved.

Part # Model (inch) (inch) (inch) (inch) Ibs.  
MS - 2BR4 2BR4 .15” 1.5 x .15” .4” 4.5” 17 1
MS - 2BR5 2BR5 .19” 1.5 x .19” .4” 5.5” 22 1
MS - 2BR6 2BR6 .23” 2.5 x .23” .5” 7” 39 1
MS - 3BR4-300 3BR/4-300 .19” 2.5 x .15” .5” 11.5” 55 1
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