Kanca A.Ş. has been honoured by TOFAŞ Türk Otomobil Fabrikası A.Ş with QUALITY AWARD. TOFAŞ CEO , Mr.Ali Pandır has handed the Quality Award to Kanca A.Ş. Managing Director ,Mr.Alper Kanca. 

6 th TOFAŞ Supplier Quality Award Ceremony was held in “Automotive Technical High School” belonging to Exporters of Automotive Industry. While hosting his suppliers, TOFAŞ Türk Otomotiv Fabrikası A.Ş. gave information to the suppliers about their future projects. TOFAŞ Supplier Quality Awards, which became a tradition since 6 years in order to support the “further forward together” philosophy, were handed to the awarded supplier companies. 

TOFAŞ CEO, Mr.Ali Pandır has underlined the fact that TOFAŞ got the most important support from his suppliers, while reaching 400,000 production capacity. Mr.Pandır also mentioned the great success achieved by launching the New Doblo, which was selected as the commercial Vehicle of Year 2010 and added that the target for increasing the production quantities would be continued in the coming years. 

During the ceremony, TOFAŞ Purchasing Director, Mr.Yüksel Öztürk,FIAT Group Purchasing President, Mr.Gianni Coda and Quality Director Mr.Erdal Şimşek underlined their expectations from the suppliers. 

Board of directors of TOFAŞ handed the awards to the suppliers; those achieved ultimate performance in the fields of quality, logistic, cost and cooperation. Mr.Alper Kanca received the Quality Award on the behalf of Kanca A.Ş., which was awarded in the field of Metal Sector. 
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