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When you need a reliable long term partner for your forging solutions, KANCA offers a wide range of products, providing satisfaction in quality, logistics, work ethics, costs and sustainability. 

KANCA began production of hand tools in the early 1960s as a family owned company with a workforce of just 20. A short time later, as the quality of the products was well accepted by the market, the range expanded to cover a very extensive spectrum of hand tools. 

A new plant of 15.000 m2 was constructed and began operation in 1974 where the expanded and modernized forging lines made it also possible to supply high quality forged parts to other industries. 

Starting from 1980s, the demand from the automotive industry had lead the way to further increase the production capacity of forged parts and supply higher quality parts to local OEMs such as Fiat, Mercedes, Iveco, Ford and Renault.

During the 1990s, KANCA had become a reliable partner and indispensable source of supply to dozens of customers in the passenger, commercial and agricultural vehicles, defence and construction industries. 

A new cold forging line, started in 1997, had enabled KANCA to provide even a wider range for metal forming, which has served also as a know-how base for warm forging sector. 

Having all the necessary facilities such as product and tool design, production, forging, heat treatment and machining under the same roof, KANCA has proven to be a single point of supply, expending with further customers like VW Group,BMW, Toyota, TRW, Delphi, Bosch, ZF, Scania and many others, those rely upon the renowned quality of KANCA. 

Working 30 years at this location, it was no more possible to enlarge physically and in 2004, KANCA constructed at the east border of Istanbul, a brand new 55.000 m2 forging plant, of that 25.000 m2 closed. This new location was inside of TAYSAD industrial area, where Mr. Kanca made significant contributions, with a group of volunteer colleagues from the automotive industry, transferring this land of meadows into a one of the most industrialised and effective industrial zones in Turkey. 

In 2009, warm forging has been established, proving parts to the diesel industry, which brought a new and alternative perspective to KANCA, with relatively smaller parts but enormous volumes. 
It was time in 2010, to gather the engineering competence in metal forming, machining, metallurgy and design, under the same roof. KANCA established the first Research and Development centre in hot forging field in Turkey. 

With time, KANCA increased its production capacity with new investments, implementing automations, installing modern laboratory and inspection equipment. So today through modern QA techniques and the certifications according to ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, KANCA is one of the leading forging companies in Turkey, not only supplying parts to its customers, but also the long term reliability & satisfaction and strong financial background. KANCA produces today nearly 30.000 tons of forged products annually and exporting more than half of its turnover to EU.
Since 1966

1966 KANCA founded as 40 m2 workshop, producing hand tools, with 5 people. 

1970 Product range expanded to vices and clamps, with 60 employees. 

1976 Moved to its location in Topkapı, 12,000m2 closed (total 20,000 m2). 

1979 First steps and investment to Automotive industry, with MPM 10000 Hammers and small batch orders from Automotive components. 

1982 First hand tools exported, with a record export income 3 milyon $, which was later awarded by Chamber of Commerce. 

1989 First steel forged vices. 

1990 CNC machining investment for automotive components as knuckles for Renault. 

1992 First Hand tool export to Europe and modernisation of Hand Tools. Employees of 210. 

1994 ISO 9002 certificate. 

1996 ISO 9001 certificate. 

1997 Cold forging in operation. Work force 350 employees. 

2000 QS 9000 certificate. Export ratio climbed to 40%. 

2001 Top 10 business profiles in Istanbul. 

2002 University-Industry corporation award from TTGV. 

2003 Hand tool export expanded to 20 countries. Germany, Austria, Belgium, USA, Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, France, Norway, Italy, UK, Ireland, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Fareo Island, Egypt, Lebanon. ISO TS 16949:2002 and ISO 9001:2000 certificates.

 2004 Production starts in new plant.
25,000m2 closed, 55,000 m2 total.ISO 14001 certificate. 

2007 Implementing automation systems in the factory.

2009 Using full automated systems with the aid of robots.

2010 Implementing worm forging technology.Establishment of the Research and Development Center.

2011 45 th Anniversary

2014 Sales volume has reached to 20.000 tons 

2015 First production of aluminium forged parts

2016 50 th Anniversary

2016 During our 50 years we have produced 200 millions of parts and have shipped 300.000 tons of parts.

2020 55 th Anniversary

Vision and Mission

To be the 1 preferred supplier in leading markets with our brand and the technology developed by our company. 

*To maintain satisfaction,improvement and long-term commitment to the company and to provide benefit to Our/Company shareholders, staff and customers, which are our main values, and to the country economy by utilizing the resources in most efficient way.
*To continue our existence by making investment to technology and by developing technology with the help of our strong financial background.
*To obey the business ethics,laws and environmental values.


We commit to producing our products  correctly the first time, with the desired quality, the true price and just in time. This enables introduction of innovations to our current systems and increase in our market share in line with the continuous improvement idea, while enabling our customers' and workers' satisfaction.


  • 1966

    Kanca was established in a 40 sqm workshop as the first hand tools manufacturer of Turkey.. Total number of employers: 5
    First products: Hammer,Adze,Chisels

  • 1970

    Production of vices and clamps were started. Total number of employers: 60

  • 1974

    Kanca Hand Tools ,Employees/ Topkapı,İstanbul, In front of the workshop.

  • 1976

    Kanca moved to his production plant at Güneşli (Close to Atatürk Airport)Total closed area: 12,000 sqm 2
    Total factory area: 20,000 sqm2 Total number of distributors: 400 Total number of employers: 120

  • 1979

    Kanca was awarded for he first forged part order from the automotive industry.

  • 1981

    KANCA exhibited his products at İzmir International Fair fort he first time.

  • 1982

    First export from Turkey for hand tools (3 million usd) Export share: %20

  • 1983

    Export to Libya..

  • 1984

    Export success award from İstanbul Chamber of Industry.

  • 1985

    KANCA started to use IBM (S36) hardware system.

  • 1989

    Starting the production of forged vices..

  • 1990

    Starting the production of machined forged parts for automotive industry. (Knuckles,gear blanks.etc) vb.

    Implementation of IBM AS/400 hardware system. .

  • 1992

    Avrupa’ya ilk el aleti ihracatı gerçekleştirildi.

    Isıl işlem tesisleri modernize edildi. İş gücü: 210

  • 1994

    Opening of Kanca hand tools sales representation in Europe.

    Kanca was awarded with ISO9002 quality system certificate.

  • 1996

    Kanca awarded with ISO 9001

  • 1997

    Start of cold forging (pinion spiders,brake pistons..etc) Total number of the employers:350

  • 1999

    President Mr.Süleyman Demirel participated to the groundbreaking ceremony of Kanca plant.

  • 2000

    Kanca was awarded with QS9000 quality certificate. Export Share: %40

  • 2001

    Kanca is among the top 10 tax payers in İstanbul .

  • 2002

    Kanca was awarded with Cold Forging Price by TTGV within the concept of University-Industry collobration.

  • 2003

    Kanca is exporting to 20 different countries worldwide.

    Kanca was awarded with ISO TS 16949:2000 certificate.

  • 2004

    Start of the production at Gebze Şekerpınar plant.Closed Area: 25,000 sqm,Total plant area: 55,000 sqm.

    Kanca was awarded with ISO 14001 environmental certificate.

    Kanca renewed his ISO TS 16949:2002 and ISO 9001:2000 quality certificates for his new plant at Gebze. Total number of employers: 550

  • 2007

    Founder of Kanca company Mr.Abdullah Kanca passed away.

    Production of forged parts with transfer line. VW connecting rod.

  • 2008

    Production of diesel system parts (injector bodies and common rails) for the first time inTurkey.

  • 2009

    Implementation of warm forging technology at Kanca plant.

    Start of full automated production by the utilisation of robots.

  • 2010

    Establishment of Research&Development Center.

  • 2014

    Kanca reached to 20,000 tons of sales.

  • 2015

    Aluminium forging in serial form for he first time.

  • Sales over 26,000 tons.

  • 2016

    50 th year anniversary,200 millions of pieces. 300 million tons of delivery,400 million tons of steel used in production.

    Sales target of 30,000 tons.

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